Hygienio B1N1

Aggiornato il: 15 mar 2020

Exclusive" ability to decontaminate all surfaces with a simple - fast - dynamic and technological system thanks to which it is possible to reach the highest decontamination standard.


Dental practices, medical clinics, emergency and rescue.


Equipped with 4 pivoting wheels that make it easy to use

Unlimited autonomy

Performance 1000 sqm of surface area 2 liters of disinfectant solution

Power supply 230v - 50Hz or 110v - 60Hz TANK CAPACITY

Water 2 litres - Liquid 2 litresJet power

(dry steam + disinfectant) 3 barMATERIALS

Handle: painted steel

Internal components: AISI 304 stainless steel

Shell: painted steelDIMENSIONS

Machine body: 93.5 x 48.5 x 35.35 cm

Lance width: 240cm

Weight: 23Kg

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